Solving the Rubik’s 3X3X3 is quite easy if you follow these steps. First we put the white middle pieces around the yellow center sticker. Secondly when that is done look at the side of the white cross with yellow center or top layer and match up the side color with the sides center color. for example white green block matches up with green center sticker, then turn face twice with green towards you so that the white sticker matches the bottom white center. Do this with the next three pieces until a white cross forms on the bottom layer. Thirdly we fill in the bottom layer corner pieces by looking for a corner piece with a white side in the top layer, and we match up the opposite color with it’s center piece of the same color, for example opposite of white,orange on top is blue, so turn the blue corner to match up the blue center. With the blue side towards you turn the left hand layer counterclockwise now match the white sticker by turning the top layer counterclockwise. Do this for all leftover corner pieces so that the first or bottom layer is solved. Fourthly we look for a top layer center edge piece that is not yellow and center that piece with its color center. with that side in front of us we turn the top layer opposite from the top color or neighbor and turn the opposite direction left or right hand layer, clockwise on the right counter clock on the left. Turn the top layer one step