Hi my name is Pete Vee, aka brainspoil and now linuxmuso on twitter and other sites and forums, I’m originally from Belgium but reside in Jacksonville Florida. Around the end of the last millennium I discovered Linux and have been using it in some form or another for my computing needs. Starting out with RedHat 6 to 9 to fedora core 2, these days I wind up using Debian based distro’s for play and work. I have fooled around on guitar for quite some time, but the last decade had been one of less interest in making music or writing songs and more in technology. 2013 though was a very exciting year after we moved back into a house and I re found my passion for music(life). Thinking I could get into home recording with some minor investments, an interface and an 8gb memory upgrade for my Lenovo y560 laptop. I guess I made all the mistakes a newbie at home studio recording can make even though I had been warned about the gear acquisition fever by peers and fellow Bloggers.

Windows was involved and one led to another, I ended up buying an upgrade to the DAW software supplied by my interface to use 3rd party VST’s, yes facepalm. I still love the SSD4 drum plug in with its high quality sounds. I hope to be able to use them soon in Linux with Festige or Carla and Wine. 3 months into going Windows, it just felt like being drawn in the vortex of bit oblivion, I was not a happy camper with the recurring windows annoyances and had started using Ubuntu Studio with Kxstudio repositories on a separate partition to now triple boot my system. This unstable install was volatile but I was still able to record the guitars and bass tracks on Meltdown on it, a Metal track I share on Soundcloud. Tracking and minimal polishing was done in Ardour 3. The drums are sampled beats from a Native Instruments demo library. I cut it to fit my quirky playing style and imported the stem into Ardour3.

As I progress in my quest and discoveries with Linux Audio I hope you can follow along and learn from my mistakes and tribulations,