Thought it might be nice to share the gear I use to get the job done. More about the DAW and plugins in coming posts,enjoy!

My main Guitar is an Ibanez Jem fp, with the monkey grip and lions claw, it can do some serious kungfu. This guitar has been with me for 20 years. It has a high gain Dimarzio Hum-bucker in the back to shred but it can also do Stratocaster Blues and funky sounds with the toggle switch on the front normal gain and middle single pickup. It’s a workhorse. It desperately needs a fret job, but don’t we all. The price over the years for these guitars have become ridiculously exuberant. I already thought I was crazy shelling out 1000 dollars in the day. Should have known that my customization would bring the collectors value way down one day<shrugs>. One thing I changed also on that guitar is a Trem-setter trademarked then dunno know if they still are around but it sure helps with the flutter I hear now on my Dean Dime Shadow so I might take a look into that. My newer baby has a really cool pearl inlay thing going and yes I have a thing for signature guitars it seems. In fact I was eying an LTD a George lynch kamikaze repro, haven’t played the kamikaze yet so I wouldn’t know if it was worth 400 dollars but the Dean Dime certainly is a really nice playing guitar, plus it even came with a case for it’s low price. Needs the tremsetter baaaaaad. Strings Dadadarios XL09 and 10’s but testing the 09/52 set that has Dime on the front DR’s wow they really kick b…… get ya pull!

My local GC knows it must have great deals when I roll in 😀 for amp nowadays I use a Line 6 Spider IV 75 watts modeling amp that I picked up for cheap with the Shortboard MKII controller. I owned a Peavy 5150 used for live playing and practice but that was too much weight and bother to import back to the States.

A  49 key Edirol midi controller usb keyboard.

2 Fostex PMO 4N 40 watts each small monitors that came with the studio package low response 60hz  high 30khz. They sound pretty good for their size as far as I can tell. Maybe some KRK’s in the future but not immediate.

a 2 channel Audiobox USB audio converter interface from Presonus it has 48v phantom for the MXL 990 Condenser for voice and acoustic instruments. SM57 clone from GLS for miking cabinets and such. Both are pretty good mic’s as far I can tell by ear. Supposedly any mic around a hundred dollars is a fine mic to use. Oh and I made my own pop shield out of some nylon sock and cd holder, yeah crafty baby! Works great.

One thing I don’t skimp on at all is cables, a good cable can make or break your sound both recording and on stage. Always get the best cables you can afford! It seems like about the best at GC here in town is Monster Cable. Pro Music has custom cables and I thought I needed some midi send and return cables eventually. Any good Synth sound modules you swear by or other gear I should look into let me know in the comments.