Dialing a killer “Metal” guitar tone with a real amp can get very expensive. Amp heads and cabinets set you back a whole lot of green and you just might not have understanding neighbors around you, who like to head bang to your tunes either, but you can get pretty close and record even at night when you use Guitarix’s cool features and Impulse Response packs by Best Plugins check out how these work

Guitarix is a LADSPA plugin comparable to Guitar Rig from Native Instruments. It can be started as a standalone program or as a plug-in DAW. Dave Phillips wrote a really good article on the state of plug-ins right here: https://lwn.net/Articles/502183/

I’m planning on getting some usable presets posted here in a week or so, life just got busier as of right now. I’m also teaching a guitar class at a local high school and applying myself for a new Linux Systems Admin Job after all contracts got laid off at the school I worked for the last five years, such is life.