Making music on the PC has been ongoing en devour of mine. Many an hour I have spend on pursuing some way to record my own musical ideas. PC’s always stuck with me because Macs were just too expensive for a limited budget to justify breaking the bank so where portable tape machines or 8 tracks.

A 486 dx 66mhz was about the only pc in the house at the time. Circa 1994, I had saved up money to buy anSound_Blaster_AWE32 sound card and thanks to my dad and his work connections landed one of my first DAW/ sequencers Cubase by Steinberg on Windows 95.

Before that around 1985 it was the Commodore 64 with some long forgotten sequencer program .300px-Commodore-64-Computer I mostly played around with using the synthesis module then, I didn’t play an instrument then yet but it all seemed quite fascinating to me, and still does. Now if you like to tinker and take a byte or two out of technology bits (intended), get your music on now; follow along on how to gather you a decent setup to start recording tonight.

You may already have a machine that has at least 2gb of memory, the more memory you have the better with 4gb memory being a reasonably good amount. a core duo or newer Intel I3,5,7 CPU’ s are great for this, check it off the list.

By the way new Mac book pro’s use the same chips, no kidding! you probably run windows on your computer right now, but in a minute you could experience what it is like to run Linux for audio and video applications.

Go ahead and download the ISO image from do follow along the well written manual, GMaq the developer no doubt spend hours on writing it up, provided on site on you how to transfer this image onto a 4gb USB stick or writable DVD with which you can boot up a real Linux OS prepared for our musical needs without changing your original Windows install. AV/linux is fairly light on resources and can be run right from the dvd or USB key LIVE!!! Sweet deal yes!?>

If you already run Linux even better, you can use gparted to make at least a 75 gb partition and perhaps use the same LIVE ISO DVD or USB memory stick to install it next to your work OS. I really like to keep my partitions with OS’s dedicated to one or two activities.

Boot up with F 12 or what key you need for the boot setup and start exploring the great Open Source World in music production yours to conquer!

As always have fun!

Update 11/10/2014: I should have checked before but there was a newer lower latency pae kernel version with updated packages ISO out, younger than the one I had on a stick. so check it out here