Tonight after laying on the couch watching the NFL division playoffs unfold all day I decided to get active 😀 some research on how to interface to my line 6 spider iv amp through the Shortboard MKII seemed like a good idea and a great little project to maybe add to, who knows? I found to be a most recent project that handles a driver module and a GUI. Support seemed a lil lacking since one person asked a question and seems yet to be answered 3 years later. But hey we all get busy sometimes , and documentation is not always priority. But here is a small helpful hint: The module or driver must first be build of course so we go to the directory $ cd ~/line6linux-code/driver/trunk do a $ make and then it should build the headers module in your kernel directory under $ /usr/source/linux-headers then we can su -c “insmod line6usb.ko” check that it was installed with $ lsmod that’s what I have checked so far, and ran into make errors for the apps ???? ok not too much on a Sunday night, goooo Packers!!!!

update: I found the driver doc here 

update: best use the mailing list for questions etc… thanks