As a Rubik’s cube fan there is the need to memorize algorithms to solve the blessed cube. I used the loci and little journey memory techniques to memorize this algorithm for solving the top corners of the cube. The algorithm goes like this U R Ui Li U Ri Ui L, first the upper layer is turned one twist, then a right side move is needed followed by a top inverse then proceed by turning the left side counterclockwise one twist. The second part of the algorithm is the same as the first all for the second right inverse move and last move which is a left turn. Now you could say” why is it so hard to remember 8 moves?” Well,I guess it is not, but the point of this experiment was to apply some learned memory techniques and put them to the test. I decided to take a little journey through the apartment as such, by the door of the office look up U to the vent, Look right into the bathroom R, look down to the basket Ui, Walk left backwards into the hall way Li, Look up to the vent U, Look at Dusty’s cage Ri, Look down, Look at the table L. This completes the algorithm which is the standard method for solving the top corners as explained in the booklet 7 step solution that is sold with the 3x3x3 cube. Myself, I combine two methods the one in the booklet and one I picked up from You tube on the net by some Chinese dude. Ni hao!
have fun !