Wow, has it been a while? Well yes it has, and time moved fast. I also didn’t sit still, just didn’t write blog posts about it. So if you were anxiously awaiting another post since April I’m very sorry to have extended your excruciating anticipation. But here here, I will try my best to bring you all up to speed with my trials and tribulations of the past nine months.

You will also notice the domain change I hope this does not inconvenience you reading my posts.

I could not justify paying for a domain name since I haven’t produced anymore posts for so long.

They say that is the way of blogging unless you monetize somehow or have money to burn.

Money is not mine to burn but a little has been certainly helpful to melt down plastic and make useful stuff from it. I have been busy with the 3d printer for quite some months now and it totally fascinates me being able to design an object or even in my case a servo robot arm, which I will make write ups of in the near future.

Making music has become somewhat of an after thought but I have some new ideas to work on and finish. I’m still looking for jobs but so far none of the interviews have paid off dividends. I have become very good at talking on the phone to unknown people about just about anything really.

Well, I won’t keep you here longer than need be so see you later all