So, I got onto the 3d printing bandwagon, about half a year ago. My major sell point was I could make anything I want so I did get a nice starter printer based on the Mendel Prusa i3 from It was very cheap compared to the build boxed 1500-3000 dollar ones by Ulti-maker or Dremmel you can find at the store. For 300 dollars with shipping and handling and some elbow grease I now know for sure, this is a fine tool. As with all tools, if you take care of them they will last you long(er), and help build an unstoppable robot army(oops- I gave it away). It does require some familiarity with controllers like the Arduino, and a little bit higher knowledge of technological principles. That said, the build up from the supplied parts is real easy to do as you follow along with the pdf’s hosted by folgertech on google drive. Some idea how a 3d printer works is a plus but not completely necessary.

It started out as a box of parts and I quickly build it up like this11666205_10206745342699633_8029864577930071696_n11745312_10206768096148455_9090160351100961888_n11659396_10206751202606127_8843991176186566192_n