Wish I could make it but hopefully one or other year soon in the future.

The program seems varied into a good deal of interesting subjects, two of those catch my eye and tickle my curiosity, namely I-Score-I find it a unlucky choice of prefix ;), and of    course Generating music by using algo’s is certainly not new. Many modern composers have used this technique to acquire a palette of new patterns and colors they would not normally paint with. Idiosyncrasies in ones playing can be limiting sometimes break free from this, by incorporating looper’s, synthesis, and yes neural net generated patterns and sounds. Using such strategies seem like a good idea anyway, even in life. advice or suggestions from a friend or partner are only someone else’s thought patterns uttered in speech patterns governed by your spoken mother language and it’ convention and contextual meanings.

My love for traditional instruments and sounds will never fade but new sounds are there to draw me in like a new spice or exotic food I haven’t tasted yet. It might lead me in awkward situations or compositions, but I’m willing to take that chance anytime over the alternative of a flat and tasteless experience. One time a while ago I looked up a traditional Belgian dance song, no no New Beat ala Boccaccio era 90’s -never went there btw- but I sure am convinced I started the road racer bike rider pants wearing, just saying 😉  pay me later with a nice picture of me wearing the pro to types on a gray silver Honda Camino with guitars strapped on my back and amps and FX boxes in between my legs, can you pictures it ? enjoy!