Many issues of AVlinux and KXlinux have passed my hands and Usb sticks my dd has ran multiples of times  filing up the space on the little drives that bring life to my laptops and desktops with a nice prefabricated OS specialized for the occasion of audio and media production. Each with their positives and negatives, honestly, when things went awry it was my own fault and eagerness to update “security” facepalm and  pure madness not for the faint of heart. so now for this quick heads up is a fun exercise in building a kernel but a real time one and lightweight perhaps, we will see what tomorrow brings (ref. Arc Angels song) either way I will be using this site and my trusted Debian tools fakeroot etc to accomplish my goals, even as I walk in the shadow of Linus I will fear no kernel build !!!! be it a LTS,  Mainline or Stable, although I advice not to mainline your kernels as this might cause constipation or worse ……  your choice!!! woahaoaohaoa  who knows might even write a driver soon for some gear …. who knows !!>>???