Not sure if it is the summer get up and go again, but I actually reinstalled an old Kxstudio 14.04 Linux audio applications packed super distribution based on Debian or Ubuntu which way you prefer to name it. Mostly a chicken or egg thing I assume on these days. Either way I’m back the earth has shifted to raise the gifted, I just need to hear from you all what you have been gifted with and worked on lately.
Myself, I needed to make something with my heaps of electronic components bought or salvaged from the wrecked carcasses of old equipment or non-used electronics.

Together with my 3d printer sometimes working or not depending on its mood I actually get something made, not always finished mind you. e.g. An Audino was in the works for a good two years and just a month ago I added the midi in without an optoelectronic (really bad idea). I’m still looking for a ¼ inch mono Jack but now have used a smaller stereo for out, just have to fandango it a bit to work as intended. Used 5k pots also instead of the needed 10k but OK it works so far. Then I worked on a TS9 board but I’m not convinced I’ll get it to work just yet as formed on the little perforated through hole board. Hoping the previously salvaged JRC4585 D Op-amps will work for this application.

Learning all this has renewed my interests in both music making and fabrication of effects pedals.
That brings me to the API 500 preamp, compressor 1175’s clones and other sweet gear you want to add to a home studio setup gathered info and links through Youtube channels

Building a 550 style Lunchbox might be not a immediate requirement for myself as quite possibly am moving continents again or if not, at least a holiday-visit to the Old Country soon.


Moreover, this electronics building has given me great joy over the months and years and segues well with my other interests in music. NO complaints on this since it is at the core of being since childhood.

Last year and half have been a lesson in loving life again and accepting things for what they are, I love many trust little, need to give. Peace outs!!!